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Well, I married later so we wanted to spend a couple years without children.  So when we did start trying to have children, we had trouble.  We did the infertility bit, and I had taken clomid and then got pregnant with twins.  And they had originally said that the twins were identical because they were in the same amnio sack, from the amniocentesis that I had.  And I thought, "Well, that's weird," because clomid would tend to make fraternal because you get (so many eggs at once).  Anyway, went along and at five months, went in and, they couldn't find a heart beat; they had died.  So I aborted them, and it turns out that they were not in the same amnio sack and so they probably were fraternal.  One had gotten too much blood and the other one had none.  Well, I was really disappointed that I wasn't gonna have twins because I thought that would really be unique.  And we were older and you would have two, and it would be such a unique relationship that twins have.  But then I thought, "Oh well, at least we've gotten the system working, so hopefully I can get pregnant again".  Well, it didn't happen for another two years, so that was kind of disappointing.  But anyway, the next pregnancy went along really normally.  It was really uneventful, everything just kind of went on task.  And I'm so active, I mean I really wanted to have children, but just having your body all to heck and you can't do the things that you want to do.  And then I think I started dilating early, and so I had to stop work.  And of course that drove me nuts.  So it was one of those deals where I just wanted to get a healthy baby and start mothering.  Anyways, I did have to do a bed rest kind of thing, not totally but had to really lay low.  Everyone had talked about these stories of being in labor forever, and so Matt and I thought we need to find out how to play batgammon, because that was the big game then.  So we get a batgammon thing and find out how to play it.  When the time came with the contractions, I was at the University Hospital and we were real close up just in the Wedgewood area, we pack up all this stuff and head for the hospital and I get there and they said, "Oh my gosh, you've got to go right in there".   And she was born within two hours of us getting there.  Yeah, so it was just real easy, I had no anesthetics and it just went really smooth.  I don't really have any dramatic stories to tell you (laughing).  So I was in the University Hospital and I was forty, so my friends were sending flowers, and all, "Oh this is great!"  I remember these young little gals, cuz the Welfare people are in the University Hospital, and your chart was on the front of the door and I would hear them say to their friends and family, "Look in here.  Look at all this, and she's forty!" (laughing).  So anyway, I just wanted to get out of there.  When we were finally able to go, we just took Molly out in just one of the hospital undershirts.  I guess the nurse must have signed us out, but I do remember how it was like we were stealing her, just get us out of here.  And then we got in the car and we couldn't figure out how to do the car seat.  So Matt's in the backseat holding her into the car seat and I'm driving, and it's hardly the picture of how you come home from the hospital.  But it was great.  He was in the room the whole time, he absolutely loved the whole process and seeing her right away, and of course he was so doting on her and getting the blanket just folded perfect.  The other part that I just really liked was that Matt took the whole week off.  And then, just the two of us, no mothers came or anything, took care of Molly so that was really fun.   It was just a neat time, and he would get up in the middle of the night when she would need (to feed).  He would go get her and I would feed her, and then he would go have English muffins while I was doing that.  Then he would go change her and put her into bed.  He gained a ton of weight.  It was a special time.  Yeah, I totally recommend having the husband, the father, a part of it; it's such an occasion.  I was in the hospital maybe two or three nights, the whole thing was that they were waiting for a bowel movement; it took forever.  I remember Matt went home about 10 (p.m.), and at 11 I said, "You can come get me now!"  And he said, "No way, stay," (laughing).  Yeah, I just hate hospitals.  I was supposedly high risk, I think it's being over 35, and then with those twins I was really high risk.  What happened with that was, I was in an office that had several different doctors.  And so each appointment, as you went along, they wanted you to go with different doctors, because they wouldn't promise that your doctor was gonna to deliver.  And so Matt went with me about the fourth month, after we found out it was twins I guess, and he just had a fit about that.  That just anybody would do it, without knowing the history, because they were saying this was really high risk; it was in the one sack and I was of my age.  So he just said, "Well, that's not acceptable," so he called around and got an appointment with this guy at the U that specialized in high risk.  And he was the nicest guy, unfortunately the first appointment we went to see him was when they couldn't find a heartbeat.  I felt so sorry for him (laughing).  So that's who we ended up going with; I went with him the rest of the way trying to get pregnant with Molly.