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Let's see, I had Jane when I was like 26 years old.  And I felt great, I really felt great when I was pregnant with Jane.  I went in at, I don't know, like two o'clock in the morning and I didn't have her until 3:19 the next day.  It was hard to get her out because her little head was right here with her hand stuck to her face, so I was pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing and she didn't come out.  It was like she was resting her check on her hand.  And the doctor finally said, "Oh, her head's like this," when she was coming out, so they pushed her back in and gave me an episiotomy and she came right out.  And they kind of had to smack her around a little bit, she was kind of blue.  And then she was fine, she woke up.  They gave me pictocin to induce labor and the contractions just kept on coming, just one right after the other, like uh uh uh, and the nurse is like, "Oh, I think we gave you too much".  And I was like, "Oh okay, whatever," (laughing) so they gave me a little something called phentenol, that was the only thing I had.  I didn't like do anything for the pain, they gave me phentenol, but the only thing it did was like make me feel like a Barbie doll vacuuming (laughing).  I was hallucinating with this pink background and this Barbie doll, it was really strange.  Yeah so, Jane came out at 3:19 p.m., and it's funny because Jane weighed eight pounds 11 ounces, and Luke (second child) weighed seven pounds 10 ounces and he came out at 3:19 a.m.  But Luke, Luke was really fast.  I started having contractions at like 12:30, and Everett (brother) and my mom and dad were down there (California) at the time, so I called them and said, "Hey!  Let's go to the hospital, and I think Luke's coming".  So we go into the city and we got lost, I think we got there at like 1:15.  Then I forget what all happened there, that was all a blur.  And then I was just sitting on the bed, waiting.  Jonah (husband) was there, and they gave me some oxygen, and the doctors telling me what's going to happen, you know, like checking me all the time  All this stuff is going on, and I'm like okay.  The contractions were coming, and I'm like, "I gotta push," and they're like, "Oh, she doesn't know what she's doing," and I'm like, "No!  I really have to push!"  And they're like, "Nah, nah; she's not ready".  And I said, "Yes I am!!!"  So I turn and stand up, and ugh, I felt my water break and they're, "Oh, maybe she is ready".  So I started pushing and he just flew out basically.  I wasn't at that hospital long before.  It was weird cuz with Jane, I couldn't feel like all the parts coming out, and I don't know why, maybe because I was so (out of it), but with Luke I could like feel the head and his shoulders and his fingers (laughter).  It was really cool.  The nurse was like, "Damn that was great, you did a great job!"  And I was like "Huh?"  And he was fine; he came out a really cool kid.  Jane was there; Jane and my mom came in and they kind of watched the whole thing.  And I think I stayed in the hospital for three days after that one, that was really awesome cuz, what did they give me......vicodin; that was great.  So I got fed, vicodin, and there was like an AMC marathon going on, they were all, "Are you sure you're not good enough....." and I was like, "No, I'll stay here for a while".  It was awesome.  I sat there and drank the hospital dry, and ate food.  It was great, but I don't think I will do it again.  They let Jonah in the room which was really great, I loved that.  But I think that's the last time I'm going to do that.  He (Luke) was great because it was more of a natural experience because I didn't take any pain medication with him.  And I think that's all I've got to say.