Supporting Mothers
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The most valuable aspect of Lily's support was the calm, knowledgable energy and emotional support.  Also, providing infant care in the evenings so we could sleep and fixing food for us!


Lily made me feel at ease about giving birth immediately when we met.  I ended up 2 weeks overdue and feeling more and more inadequate as the days passed on.  Lily was so reassuring that the baby would arrive when both she and I were ready.  Her expertise about the birth process is outstanding.  There wasn't a question I had that she didn't have a great answer for.  When my baby finally decided to show up right before we were scheduled to be induced, Lily came to the hospital as soon as we phoned her.  She stayed right by my side comforting me and helping me cope until baby arrived safely.  Lily had the perfect personality and demeanor that blended so well with us.  She is a calm, caring, hard working person with a great sense of humor!  We are so happy that she was with us for the birth of our daughter.  And our pug loves her too!


Excellent care through pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum.  Can't thank her enough!!  We love Lily.


I can tell that Lily really cares about my family and does whatever she can to help.  She is a joy to be around.  :)


Lily has a very sweet, nurturing, and calm disposition that immediately put us and our three children at ease.  She seems to genuinely love children and this really came across in her interactions both with our older child and our infants.  We were impressed with her knowledge about infants and postpartum issues.  I was very grateful for her attention to small details.  I would highly recommend Liily as a postpartum doula to any family that needed such help. 


Lily had a great, upbeat and positive attitude that really helped the birth.  She was willing and eager to do whatever I needed to ease the process.

I appreciated her loving support.

During my interview with Lily, I knew she was the right fit for our family.  She exudes confidence and grace.  I can count on her to listen and to process my concerns.  She has a calm demeanor and is always able to offer much needed advice.  Lily is incredibly patient, intelligent, empathic and devoted.  She has had such a positive impact on my daughter's life.  My daughter lights up when Lily comes into the room; when she is with Lily she receives the same love and attention that we give her as parents. 

Lily's willingness to do whatever was needed at any given moment was so essential.  And our dogs love her!

I could not have asked for a better postpartum doula than Lily. My daughter was two months old when Lily came to help, and she was suffering from colic due to severe gastric distress. Lily was able to give me some really helpful pointers in getting Caitlin to sleep. When she came over, it was like having a really knowledgeable friend show up to help. She allowed me to get some much needed sleep and calmed a lot of my fears as a first time mom. I can't recommend Lily enough.