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Sitz Bath

Tenzing Momo at Pike Place Market carries all these herbs as would Rainbow and the Herbalist (probably more). Places like Whole Foods do NOT carry comfrey because it can cause liver damage if you DRINK it. You do not drink this sitz bath, you sit in it, spray it on your bottom, or soak a pad with it and let it soothe a sore perineum.

One ounce of each by weight, mix together, then divide in half:
Shepherd's Purse
Slippery Elm
White Oak Bark
Witch Hazel Bark
Uva Ursi

Boil one gallon (four quarts) of water in a huge pot (stainless steel, glass, or enamel), put in the herbs and simmer 30 minutes. Store in glass in the refrigerator.

Use one (1) cup of the brew to four (4) inches of bath water.
Use full strength in a peri bottle to spray on your bottom each time you go to the bathroom (for use postpartum, not for hemorrhoids).
Soak a pad or towel and freeze.